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 About Us

Our company was established in the year, 1995.

After being pu into service into business, our company firstly, took charge of the competent services of the trademark of Panasonic’s TV / Camera / Audio appliances, then, the trademark of Sharp’s TV / Audio / Camera / LCD appliances and Enkay Groups, Loewe and Onkyo appliances by gradually growing in its sector.

Started to take active role as a Karşıyaka region service with Philips in 2005.

Technology markets are also the authorized service since 1999 as a joint venture with Teknosa started and continues

Stil, we have been working in service in our central workshop in İzmir – Küçükyalı and also in our branch Office Karşıyaka, totally we’re giving service with 2 office workshops, 5 commuter buses and 17 work staff.

Our company focuses on providing the costumers needs and requests at best conditions, also supplying the best service attitudes by continually renewing itself in the growing sector of electronics.

Our Company Keeps Following the developments or our field in our sector by participating in the local and the international fairs related to our job.

The basic point of our services is always QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.

Our company is going on its tole in service by renewing itself all thetime with a staff experienced and that’s grown with the principle of costumer satisfaction especially, today when consciow costumer perspective is increasing.

As a consequence the main idea of Sezel Technique Service is “There’s not ony me, There is us”.
Therefore, our company has always been a family, a team and always together to provide you, to its customers a better service.

We thank you for preferring us.
Sezel Technique Service Ltd. Company..

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